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Free scrensavers, free screensavers, free savers

Free and Freeware Screensaver Software

Free Screensaver Software

Here are links to sites offering free and freeware screensaver software. Visit these sites for software to create your own screensavers. Be sure to check out the licensing agreements as some software allows you to give away screensavers you create whilst others do not. For links to public domain photgraphs and other public domain images go here.

Free scrensavers, free screensavers, free savers
Ashley's Screensaver Hotspots - Here is a freeware system tray utility that lets you specify corners of your screen to act as screensaver on/off hotspots. The graphical interface for setting your corner preferences makes this little utility easy to use. Choose to have it active or not on startup and to optionally run your screensaver on startup. Unlike many other such hotspot utilities, this one is free.
Slide Show Screen Saver for Windows - Slide Show Screen Saver for Windows - The Slide Show Screen Saver for Windows displays a series of images and (optionally) plays a sequence of sound files from a designated directory. Images in JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP formats can be displayed, and full-colour images can be viewed on displays limited to 256 colours. Images too large to display on the screen are automatically scaled to fit. Wave audio (.wav), MP3 (.mp3), and MIDI song files (.mid or .rmi) can be played (assuming you have a sound board, and it includes a MIDI synthesiser). You can configure the rate at which images change and sound files are played, whether images and sounds are chosen at random or are shown in alphabetical order by file name (allowing you to script a slide show), and whether images appear at random positions on the screen to avoid burning in the phosphor (the Prime Directive for screen savers) or appear centred on the screen (preferable, perhaps, for machines running a slide show in a store window or on a trade show stand). Images and sounds can be played independently or synchronised with one another--the latter option allows you to assemble multimedia slide shows with a sound track for each slide. You can optionally display the date and time and/or the names of the current image and sound files above each image. The Slide Show Screen Saver is available exclusively for 32-bit Windows systems such as Windows 95 / 98 / Me and Windows NT / 2000 / XP.
Free Byte's Gude to Free Screen Savers - Free Byte's Gude to Free Screen Savers. Has Screensavers and Free Screensaver Software. Slideshow 2.3 for Win 95 Win 98 Win NT/2000 and Windows XP. Allows you to create your own slideshow screen saver. Create and distribute your own slideshow. Supports JPEG (compressed), BMP (Bitmap) and WMF (Windows Meta File) images. A small sample JPEG slideshow is included. Features include: animation, random slideshow, stretch to fill screen, display at maximum size, image stretch, loop animation, speed adjustment, preview without install, create slideshow distribution packages, and more. This free program is both a screen saver and a screen saver construction package. Photosaver for Windows. Photo Saver 1.3 for Win 95 Win 98 Win NT/2000 and Windows XP. Use your our own portrait as a screensaver. This screensaver displays a bouncing image or photograph of your choosing. It can display JPEG files, BMP (Bitmap) files and WMF files (Windows Meta Files). Three image sample files - one of each type - are included.

This free screensaver resources and software page at FreeByte also has Free 3D Screensavers, Free Cartoons Screensavers, Free Nature Screensavers, Free Science Fiction Screensavers and Free Wallpapers and Desktop Themes and Cursors. A great free screen savers resource.
SaverWiz The Screensaver Wizard - SaverWiz allows you to create self-contained Windows screen savers using your own pictures in just a few easy steps. Freeware screensaver software. Page has alternate download links and more information. Free screensaver creator software.
gPhotoShow Slide Show Screen Saver - gPhotoShow is an easy to use slide show screen saver that turns your favorite images, panorama, video or web pages into a unique personal Screen Saver complete with transition effects. With gPhotoShow 2 you can easily create slide shows of pictures or web pages. There is a freeware version of this software available for download here.
Picsaver Screen Saver Software - Picsaver Screen Saver Software - picsaver is a simple screen saver that displays all the images located in a directory. It is the equivalent of the "My Pictures Screensaver" shipped with Windows Me or Windows XP. picsaver features more than 80 transition effects to choose. picsaver works on Windows 98 and Windows 2000 and probably works on Windows 95. It of course works on Windows Me and XP but you should not need it as the "My Pictures Screensaver" is shipped with theses OS'es.
Quick Start Screensaver - This application from AxisTek instantly activates your screensaver from the system tray. Freeware screensaver software.
Alternate Meta Screen Saver - This free software allows you to add all your screensavers to alist for playing. Here is the description from the site: With so many great screen savers in the net, why run the same one over and over? Alternate Meta Screen Saver lets you see a new monitor protector every time your screen saver kicks in. You assemble a list of all of your installed screen savers, and Alternate takes care of rotating them randomly or sequentially. It's a nice -- and free -- way to add some variety to your system.
Supreme Scenes Screensaver and Software Themes Packs - Supreme Scenes provides screensaver software with a natue theme. You can also download screensaver theme packs to customise the software. Them packs currently include Tranquil Landscapes and Peaceful Flowers.

Graphics Links

Flaming Text - Excellent site where you can create animated gifs and logos to enhance your web site. Specialises in Flaming Text logos. FREE Service.
The Plugin Site - Page listing free graphics resources. Categories include Viewers, Organizers, Image Editors, Web Design, Texture Tools, 2D Image Generators, Text Tools, Video Tools, 3D, Morphing and each free programme/service has a good description. Great freeware page.
Free Buttons - Site with premade buttons ready to download. FREE Service. Requires link back to Free Buttons site.
Flash Buttons - Create flash buttons and menus. Premade examples for download or create your own. FREE Service. Requires link back to Flash Buttons site.
Cool Text - is an online graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you might need an impressive logo without a lot of work. Real-time generation of graphics as you design them online. FREE Service.
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Free and Freeware Screensaver Software

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